Tuesday, June 11, 2013

2013 I Run Kids Marathon Entrant List

Here is the list of entrants for the 2013 I Run Kids Marathon (as of 7/9/13).  This should be about the final list.  There may be one or 2 more that come in the mail but all schools have submitted thier entries.  Please email us at kidsmarathon@yahoo.com if you do not see yoru name but feel you did enter.
Gracie Niebler St. Paul's Lake Mills
Joshua Kutz St. Paul's Lake Mills
Claire Davisson St. Paul's Lake Mills
Noah Davisson St. Paul's Lake Mills
Ashely Grundman St. Paul's Lake Mills
Kayla Grundman St. Paul's Lake Mills
Amber Wardall St. Paul's Lake Mills
Kyle Wardall St. Paul's Lake Mills
Gil Haw St. Paul's Lake Mills
Cameron Milner St. Paul's Lake Mills
Payton Milner St. Paul's Lake Mills
Zoey Dremler St. Paul's Lake Mills
Trinity Wurz St. Paul's Lake Mills
Joy Wurz St. Paul's Lake Mills
Ben Krauklis St. Paul's Lake Mills
Luke Krauklis St. Paul's Lake Mills
Natalie Grulke St. Paul's Lake Mills
Abigail Walter Star of Bethlehem
Bella Backus Star of Bethlehem
Chloe Curtis Star of Bethlehem
Sarah Laufer Star of Bethlehem
Christian Lohr Star of Bethlehem
Annika Laufer Star of Bethlehem
Abigail Schmidtke Star of Bethlehem
Jackson Laufer Star of Bethlehem
Emily Lohr Star of Bethlehem
Carson Reik Morning Star Lutheran
Justin Kurth Morning Star Lutheran
Caleb Kurth Morning Star Lutheran
Senate Schmidt Morning Star Lutheran
Ashley Herbst Morning Star Lutheran
Hunter Herbst Morning Star Lutheran
Elise Pankow Morning Star Lutheran
Logan Smith Morning Star Lutheran
Jordyn Smith Morning Star Lutheran
Ethan Heder Morning Star Lutheran
Collin Draeger Morning Star Lutheran
Ethan Draeger Morning Star Lutheran
Logan Draeger Morning Star Lutheran
Jacob Niemann Morning Star Lutheran
Grace Miller Christ the Lord Brookfield
Memphis Miller Christ the Lord Brookfield
Jasper De La Cruz Christ the Lord Brookfield
Jeremy De La Cruz Christ the Lord Brookfield
Matthew Munson Christ the Lord Brookfield
Jeeah Larsen Christ the Lord Brookfield
Keon Larsen Christ the Lord Brookfield
Kyle Johnson Christ the Lord Brookfield
Sydney Johnson Christ the Lord Brookfield
Tyler Johnson Christ the Lord Brookfield
Emily Johnson Christ the Lord Brookfield
Isabelle Hatzung Christ the Lord Brookfield
Natalie Hatzung Christ the Lord Brookfield
Ameillia Wedward Loving Shepherd
Annaliese Wedward Loving Shepherd
Kylie Schmid Loving Shepherd
Kaitlyn Rhyner Loving Shepherd
Allyson Rhyner Loving Shepherd
Hailey Rhyner Loving Shepherd
Halie Markovic Pilgrim Menomonee Falls
Lillia Thoms Pilgrim Menomonee Falls
Doug Reinhardt Pilgrim Menomonee Falls
Nate Netzel Pilgrim Menomonee Falls
Jack Netzel Pilgrim Menomonee Falls
Anna Raasch Pilgrim Menomonee Falls
Corbin Schaffer Home schooled
Willamina Schaffer Home schooled
Caden Schaffer Home schooled
Austin Fortuna Rossman Elementary
Luke Rodgers Star of Bethlehem
Noel Meinel Home schooled
Grace Meinel Home schooled
Isaac Ihde Zion Columbus
Hannah Ihde Zion Columbus
Lucas Nygaard St. Paul's Cudahy
Sydney List St. Paul's Cudahy
Jack List St. Paul's Cudahy
Connor O'Donnell St. Paul's Cudahy
Kyleigh O'Donnell St. Paul's Cudahy
Ivan Church St. Paul's Cudahy
Sophia Conner Star of Bethlehem
Benjamin Garbedian Trinity
Connor Evert Trinity
Seth Bushner Trinity
Lillian Morris Trinity
Brianne Morris Trinity
Justin Morris Trinity
Elizabeth Tollefson Trinity
Annabelle Festerling Trinity
Lydia Festerling Trinity
Gabrielle Watkins Christ Lutheran
Mia Watkins Christ Lutheran
Ethan Enslen Christ Lutheran
Emma Pufahl Christ Lutheran
Ryan Pufahl Christ Lutheran
Kaylee Pufahl Christ Lutheran
Nathan Sievert Christ Lutheran
Alex Enslen Christ Lutheran
Ally Watkins Christ Lutheran
Jenna Arnold SJB Jefferson
Hayden Niebler St. Paul's Lake Mills
Emily Aleckson St. Paul's East Troy
Benjamin Aleckson St. Paul's East Troy
Julia Aleckson St. Paul's East Troy
Lilly Aleckson St. Paul's East Troy
Joshua Ohland Christ the Lord
Allison Ohland Christ the Lord
Julia Treichel St. John's Wauwatosa
Jake Leyrer St. John's Wauwatosa
Hannah Leyrer St. John's Wauwatosa
Ryan Leyrer St. John's Wauwatosa
Emily Leyrer St. John's Wauwatosa
Eli Gauger St. John's Wauwatosa
Sydney Biebert St. John's Wauwatosa
Micah Buske St. John's Wauwatosa
Zoe Buske St. John's Wauwatosa
Ava Collyard St. John's Wauwatosa
Megan Dvorachek St. John's Wauwatosa
Elizabeth Farley St. John's Wauwatosa
Lilly Gantner St. John's Wauwatosa
Rhiannon Gantner St. John's Wauwatosa
Aidan Gmach St. John's Wauwatosa
John Handeland St. John's Wauwatosa
Ben Langebartels St. John's Wauwatosa
Elizabeth Langebartels St. John's Wauwatosa
Johnny Moll St. John's Wauwatosa
Anna Ogenenoff St. John's Wauwatosa
Ethan Rindfleisch St. John's Wauwatosa
Grace Rindfleisch St. John's Wauwatosa
Jonah Rindfleisch St. John's Wauwatosa
Logan Rindfleisch St. John's Wauwatosa
Riley Rindfleisch St. John's Wauwatosa
Emma Kammholz St. John's Wauwatosa
Karsten Kammholz St. John's Wauwatosa
Clara Kammholz St. John's Wauwatosa
Ashley Rouse St. John's Wauwatosa
Tia Bellis St. John's Wauwatosa
Zoe Bellis St. John's Wauwatosa
Clayton Spaltholz St. John's Wauwatosa
Ty Spaltholz St. John's Wauwatosa
Allie Spaltholz St. John's Wauwatosa
Christopher Hoffman St. John's Wauwatosa
Peyton Leanna St. John's Wauwatosa
Jordyn Benn St. John's Wauwatosa
Abby Benn St. John's Wauwatosa
Ella Pringle
Ryan Pringle
Sydney Pringle
Olivia Haack St. Paul's Fond du Lac
Christian Haack St. Paul's Fond du Lac
Noah Weidner Zion South Milwaukee
Gabe Weidner Zion South Milwaukee
Faith Retzlaff Zion South Milwaukee
Grace Retzlaff Zion South Milwaukee
Lizzie Silvis Bethlehem Lutheran
Riley Hstettler Bethlehem Lutheran
Calaen Martin Bethlehem Lutheran
Ashlyn Kionka Bethlehem Lutheran
Michael Kuehl Bethlehem Lutheran
Taylor Ignatowski Bethlehem Lutheran
Bryna Mitchell Bethlehem Lutheran
Ella Mitchell Bethlehem Lutheran
Adeline Wendt Bethlehem Lutheran
Bowen Wendt Bethlehem Lutheran
Aiden Gelhaar Bethlehem Lutheran
Arabella Gelhaar Bethlehem Lutheran
Brandon Kabelowsky Bethlehem Lutheran
Keegan Kabelowsky Bethlehem Lutheran
Nathan Guevin Bethlehem Lutheran
Elena Grahl Bethlehem Lutheran
Alivia Grahl Bethlehem Lutheran
Miranda Noon Bethlehem Lutheran
Whitney Bleick Bethlehem Lutheran
Aiden Martin Bethlehem Lutheran
Lindsey Hatton Bethlehem Lutheran
Joshua Kelm Bethlehem Lutheran
Benjamin Kelm Bethlehem Lutheran
Lydia Kelm Bethlehem Lutheran
Reegan Siegel Bethlehem Lutheran
Payton Rechlicz Bethlehem Lutheran
Megan Himm Bethlehem Lutheran
Nathan Himm Bethlehem Lutheran
Stephanie Affeldt Bethlehem Lutheran
Melissa Schneider St. Paul's Muskego
Megan Schneider St. Paul's Muskego
Katelynn Schneider St. Paul's Muskego
Stacey Bluhm St. Paul's Muskego
Brandon Mars St. Paul's Muskego
Molly Mars St. Paul's Muskego
Kierstin Schlevensky St. Paul's Muskego
Sydney Edwards Bethany Lutheran Kenosha

Ashlynne Edwards Bethany Lutheran Kenosha
William Strelow Bethany Lutheran Kenosha
Jacob Larsen Bethany Lutheran Kenosha
Katie Larsen Bethany Lutheran Kenosha
Jake Blair St. Matthew's Oconomowoc
Leah Blair St. Matthew's Oconomowoc
Reyna Rupnow St. Matthew's Oconomowoc
Nina Olson St. Matthew's Oconomowoc
Anders Olson St. Matthew's Oconomowoc
Jonah Brandenstein St. Matthew's Oconomowoc
Hannah Brandenstein St. Matthew's Oconomowoc
Elaina Bagdassian St. Matthew's Oconomowoc
Mateya Kadue St. Matthew's Oconomowoc
Dylan Kadue St. Matthew's Oconomowoc
Daniel Cleary St. Matthew's Oconomowoc
Lauren Cleary St. Matthew's Oconomowoc
Evelyn Terry St. Matthew's Oconomowoc
Andy Poehlman St. John's Lutheran, Lannon
Abby Poehlman St. John's Lutheran, Lannon
Neva Bergemann St. John's Lutheran, Lannon
Will Then St. John's Lutheran, Lannon
Cora Brooks St. John's Lutheran, Lannon
Olivia Imberger St. John's Lutheran, Lannon
Japheth Yahnke St. John's Lutheran, Lannon
Ellie Yahnke St. John's Lutheran, Lannon
Alyse Cederholm St. John's Lutheran, Lannon
Mia Cederholm St. John's Lutheran, Lannon
Emma Baacke Mt. Calvary
Lauren Baacke Mt. Calvary
Ben Brown Mt. Calvary
Faith Brown Mt. Calvary
Emily Scherf Mt. Calvary
Paul Frick Mt. Calvary
Hannah Frick Mt. Calvary
Benjamin Frick Mt. Calvary
Grace Becker St. Jacobi
Jessica Berlin St. Jacobi
McKenna Friske St. Jacobi
Camryn Friske St. Jacobi
Nathaniel Frisque St. Jacobi
Sofia Jorgensen St. Jacobi
Valeria Kane St. Jacobi
Kyle Kane St. Jacobi
Laney Kaurala St. Jacobi
Jordan Kaurala St. Jacobi
Isabella Tortorice St. Jacobi
Alexis Waack St. Jacobi
Joshua Wanty St. Jacobi
Nicholas Wanty St. Jacobi

Friday, May 24, 2013

Let the Summer Begin

Today was the last day of school for some of the schools participating so you can now begin logging your miles and reading. Logs can be printed from the link on the side of this website under Event Links.  Unfortunately, I have been unable to put the new 2013 Reading/Running Log online as of yet. Please print last year's Log and when I get the new log on line, you can print the new Log and transfer all your miles and books to that one.

Good Luck and have fun running and reading!!!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the I Run Kids Marathon Program?

The I Run Kids Marathon Program is a summer running and reading program where kids in grades 1 to 8 will run 26.2 miles and reading 26 books or reading for 26 hours over the summer. At the final event, all kids will gather and run the final mile of our marathon together finishing at the same finish line.

Who can enter the I Run Kids Marathon?

All children from grades 1 through 8 are encouraged to enter. Children younger that 1st grade can participate, but parental caution is advised. Please invite a friend to join you!

My friend heard about the program and wants to sign up. Can he or she still sign up?

Sign up deadline is the end of the 2012/2013 school year but special requests will be considered. Please email the race director at kidsmarathon@yahoo.com if you wish to enter after the school year is out. We will do what we can to get everyone entered.

What is the cost of the Program?

The entry cost is $14 per child thanks to generous gifts from our many sponsors.

What do I get?

All entrants should print out an I Run Kids Marathon Running & Reading Log. At the FINAL MILE, all participants will receive a goody bag and Tshirt. Upon finishing the final mile of the marathon, each participant will receive a Finishers Medal. There will also be a lot of door prizes to give away.

How will we receive our T-shirts?

T-shirts will be given to all participants at the final event on Saturday, August 24th.

When will I receive my other prizes?

You will be awarded your finishers medal at the finish line on August 24 at WLC at our FINAL MILE Celebration. You will also receive a small goody bag at that time.

How do I receive my prizes and goody bag if I can’t make it to the Final Mile Celebration?

Please let us or your School Representative know if can’t make the FINAL MILE Event. We will arrange to get your medal and goody bag to you. Delivery costs will be covered to the schools that participate with a representative. If you don’t have school representative, there will be a small mailing charge (approx. $5), please email us. (kidsmarathon@yahoo.com)

Do I need to be present at the FINAL MILE event on August 24th in order to win the special door prizes that are being given away?

Yes you do. We have a limited number of special prizes that were generously donated by our sponsors and you must be present to win.

How do I log my miles and books?

You will log your running and reading on the I Run Kids Marathon Log that will be available to print off here on the website. You can run in intervals as small as 1/4 mile at a time. Reading can be logged by the book or by the 1/4 hour of reading (or combination of reading).

Do I have to run the required miles or can I walk?

Either one is just fine, you can either walk or run. We encourage you to run but it’s up to you.

Who can I run with?

You can run with your friends, family, or by yourself. Try to get your parents to run with you so they can share the benefits of exercise as well.

When is the FINAL MILE & celebration?

The final mile will be run on Saturday, August 24th with the event starting at 9:00AM and concluding around 12:00PM. Please show up early as the mile run is not the only activity going on. The race will begin near 10:00AM with the give aways after the final runners finish.

Where is the final event located?

The final event will be held at Wisconsin Lutheran College's Raabe Stadium. The address is 10200 W. Watertown Plank Rd. and along Underwood Parkway about 1/4 mile west of Hwy 45 at the Watertown Plank Rd. exit.

If is it raining will the FINAL MILE Event be held?

Yes, rain or shine the event will go on.

Are you still looking for parent volunteers to help during the Final Mile Event on August 24th?

Yes we are! We need lots of parent volunteers to help make this a successful event. We need course marshals, helpers to hand out goody bags, food/drink preparation and distribution, and a clean-up crew. Please email us at kidsmarathon@yahoo.com if you can help. Thank you!

I have a different question, who do I contact?

You can contact your I Run Kids Marathon school representative or email us at kidsmarathon@yahoo.com

Monday, April 8, 2013

2013 I Run Kids Marathon

Recruiting school for the 2013 I Run Kids Marathon is underway.  This years Kids Marathon promises to be the best one yet.  Very soon we will have the 2013 entry form available by either email or via link on this website.  The 2013 Reading/Running Log will be available soon as well.

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to email us at kidsmarathon@yahoo.com

If you are a new school interested in joining, please see our New School Participation Information link for tons of information you may want to know.  As always, there is no cost for a school to enter, only a small entry fee per kid to cover our costs and a donation to Children's Hospital of Wisconsin.

We would love to have you join us this summer for a great season of running and reading.  Healthy Minds and Healthy Bodies is what we are all about.

Please email us with your school and representatives name and we will help you get your school all entered.

Thank you,

Bill Schneider
I Run Kids Marathon Director

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Icebreaker Indoor Marathon & Half Marathon

Congratulations to all the Icebreaker Indoor Marathon & Half Marathon finishers.  Whether this is your first marathon/half, or your 100th, you did it!  You did something most people in America will never do.   It doesn't matter if you did the Half Marathon, the Full Marathon, the Marathon Relay, the 5K, or even the Gold Medal Challenge (you are truly crazy, I know, I did it a few years ago), you were out there improving your health and by telling all your friends and family, you are a visible example of a healthy lifestyle.

The I Run Kids Marathon is a program intended to help kids learn how to live a healthy lifestyle while also teaching kids that summer is not a time to stop learning and that having a healthy mind is just as important as a healthy body.

Kids, grades K through 8, who join the I Run Kids Marathon will run (or walk) at total of 26.2 miles as well as either read 26 books or read for 26 hours over the summer.  The program begins the first day of summer vacation and ends with the Final Mile celebration in late August.  Kids can run or walk in intervals as short as 1/4 mile while they track their miles on a specially designed runner/reading log that will be linked and printable from this website.  Last years reading log can be seen [HERE] or by clicking on the link on the upper right of this website.  Kids can also read full books or in intervals as small as 15 minutes at a time.

At the Final Mile celebration, all the kids will gather at Wisconsin Lutheran College's Raabe Stadium to run their final mile of their marathon together.  Kids will receive an I Run Kids Marathon shirt as well as an I Run Kids Marathon finishers medal once they cross the finish line.  There will be music and fun for the kids before the race and refreshments, healthy snacks, and prizes after the race.  Can't make the Final Mile?  No problem, unlike an adult marathon, kids do not need to show up at the Final Mile to receive their shirts and medal.  "You did the work, you earned your medal" is the philosophy.  Runner packets will be delivered to the schools of the kids participating through their school.

While kids are welcome to sign up by themselves, we encourage schools to get involved.  In past years, we had as many as 30 different school participating and making the I Run Kids Marathon a full school event.  There is no fee for a school to participate.  For more information on how to have a school participate, please see [HERE].

For more information about the I Run Kids Marathon, please see other posts on this website or feel free to email me at kidsmarathon@yahoo.com

Thank you,

Bill Schneider
I Run Kids Marathon Director