Tuesday, August 24, 2010

2010 WELS Kids Marathon Update #5

4 more days! Just 4 more days until the final mile of the 2010 WELS Kids Marathon. Most of you are done with your miles and your reading but I know some of you are not quite there. Don’t give up now, you can do it! Finishing a marathon is winning a marathon.

I did a little calculating and did you know that all 395 of you that are participating this year have run/walked at least a total of 10,349 miles. That is like running from San Francisco to New York and back, then just for fun, running back to New York. That is a long way.

The weather is looking outstanding for us on Saturday with lots of sun and little chance of rain. Please plan on arrive no later than 9:30 as there will be a line at packet pickup. We will have 3 lines so please look for the line assigned you’re your last name to make things go smoother.

Time Line

Here is a quick time line of the events planned for Saturday:
9:00 Packet Pickup opens
9:40 Group Warm Up
9:55 National Anthem
10:00 First Race for Kids Currently in 4th Grade or Younger
10:20 (Approx) Second Race for Kids 5th Grade and Older
10:45 (Approx) Raffle Prize Giveaways


A quick reminder that if you need directions to Wisconsin Lutheran College’s Raabe Stadium can be found at the WELS Kids Marathon website. Please see this link for directions.


I know a lot of parents will be taking pictures and video of the final event and of your kids. If you would like to share them with us, please send them to welskidsmarathon@yahoo.com. I would love to see your pictures and video if you have some.


I have tried to contact some of the local TV stations to cover the final event but I haven’t had any luck so far. If anyone has a good contact person I could inform of our event, please let me know so we can try to get some good coverage.

Thank a Yellow Shirt

Be sure to thank someone in a yellow shirt of Saturday. These yellow shirt people are the great volunteers helping you all keep safe and enjoy the final mile of the WELS Kids Marathon. They are giving up their own time to help. I appreciate all their help and I hope you do too.


We have been blessed with some late donations of food and water for you to enjoy after you have completed your final mile. Kwik Trip stores in Oconomowoc, Wales, and Muskego as well as Potter’s Piggly Wiggly in Oak Creek have graciously donated Bananas and apples and Century Springs in Mukwonago has once again donated fresh spring water for you to rehydrate yourself after the run.

Again I would like to highlight our 2 main sponsors this year:

Thrivent Financial for Lutherans has helped us our tremendously. “Nearly 3 million members turn to Thrivent Financial for Lutherans to help meet their financial needs. Thrivent Financial for Lutherans offers a wide range of competitive products and personal service. We are committed to serving Lutheran families, communities and congregations. Proud sponsor of the WELS Kids Marathon.”
Southeast Wisconsin Region
20800 Swenson Dr. Ste 175
Waukesha, WI 53186

Slingstone Products LLC is the Wisconsin distributor for Nicoat UV and water base coatings, as well as the complete line of printing blankets, parts and supplies from Rosmini Graphics. Based in Muskego, Slingstone provides sales and technical support to offset, flexo, and screen printers. The company name reflects the faith in God that owners Mark and Lori Schommer have used as a daily source of inspiration. The bible refers to the smooth stone that David used to slay Goliath as a "slingstone". David knew that God was with him as he fought Goliath just as the owners of Slingstone Products know that Gods presence is an important part of their success in business today. Congratulations to all runners and readers….. see you at the finish line! http://www.slingstoneproducts.com/


There is a website (http://kidsmarathon.blogspot.com/) with all the information you may need concerning the 2010 WELS Kids Marathon. Some sections you will find on the website include: Frequently asked questions, directions to the Final Event, course map, sponsor links, updates, etc. Please feel free to leave us a comment on the site as well.

Thank you,

WELS Kids Marathon Organizing Committee
Bill Schneider – WELS Kids Marathon Director

WELS Kids Marathon Committee:
David Habben
Belinda Matter
Gwen Scherf
Sally Schneider
Greg Uehling

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